What's Included

Theme Files

Below is the package structure: (gambar struktur file)
THEME folder contains Mino, these two folders have to be uploaded to wp-content/themes/ folder of your WordPress. The main CSS file of the theme is located in the mino theme.


The PLUGINS folder contains WordPress plugins that you may want to use with the mino theme, their usage is optional, but recommended.


The DOCUMENTATION folder contains this document that you are reading now.

Sample Data

The SAMPLEDATA contains everything you need to get the same looks of the mino theme live demo

First Steps

Installing the Theme

Once downloaded, ekstrak the compressed folder to see the structure of package. Go to THEME folder, there you will find a packaged, upload the package to wp-content/themes/ folder of your WordPress and uncompress it. Once uncompressed the theme can be activated.

Installing Plugins

When you click on “Activate” button to activate Mino Theme, you will see the a notice offering you to install required and recommended plugins. Click “Begin installing plugins”, on the screen that appears, next select the plugins you want to be installed, pick “Install” in Bulk Actions select box and click “Apply” button. For optimal user experience install and activate all recommended plugins.

Installing Sample Data


We recommend you to use fresh install. After you activate your theme and install required plugins you may want to install sample data to make your site look like Live Demo of our theme. Go to Tools > import > wordpress and install import plug in for wordpress, click choose file button and select sampel-data.xml and click open. after that click upload and import. click submit button to submit content to your website.

Theme Options


sticky Post/sangar slider

you can choose slider or sticky post from this option, don’t forget to click save button.


mino_store store_option

for setting store page you need to compare store screenshot and dashboard screenshot. number in dashboard will set number in page screenshot

  1. Page Cover. : you can choose slider you want to appears in your store
  2. Recent Product Label : this is the title for recent product, just type your text if you want to modify it
  3. Display products by categories : you need to check this option if you want to use specific categories, after you check above option, you can insert category that you want to appears in this section
  4.  Products Categories Label : this is the title for popular Categories, just type your text if you want to modify it
  5. Choose categories just insert category you want to appear in this section, you can insert category as much do you want but it only display three category randomly
  6.  Recent Posts Label : this is the title for recent blog, just type your text if you want to modify it
  7. Display posts by categories: you need to check this option if you want to use specific categories, after you check above option, you can insert category that you want to appears in this section based on recent post.
  8. Support Line Number, Email Support: you can add your phone number and email address in this input text
  9.  Accept Text Label and Payment Method you can modify the text and insert icon of your bank or credit card merchant
  10. Featured Sections : modify your store feature and text from this theme option.


Active Identity


click active button to active mino theme

Site Identity

site_identityYou can modify Logo in header area from menu site identity, and then choose your own logo, and click save.


coloryou can modify text color and background theme from menu color, select your favorite color

Header Image

header_imageyou can add image to header area, enter header image menu, and choose image to display

Background Image

BG_imagemodifying background image can be set from background image menu, then select image to display


menuyou can setting menu, choose location and right position. you can setting link url too or any page you want to display


widgetyou can modify the widget in footer area, select menu widget, put it on area that you want to display the widget

Static Front Page

static_pagethe beautiful main page will influence your website visitor. you can decide which post template will display in your front page. you can enter static page then select front page that you want to use

Background and Layout

background&layoutyou can setting basic view and website layout from customizer menu. themes color, width layout, display searching column display image thumbnails, breadcrumb, related articles, adding open graph, and display button share facebook or twitter

Using Plugin

Easy Custom Auto Excerpt

ECAE plugin will make your post looks beautifull  readmore about this plug in

Sangar Slider

sangar slider plugin needed to build a slider for your blog. readmore

Plugin Ongkos Kirim

this plugin will calculate shipping bill for your store, only covered indonesia area. readmore


this is plugin for develope and manage your store page. readmore



More info on how to use these plugins can be found at

Premium Theme Options

Contact Page

Theme Options ‹ Mino — WordPress

set your phone number, email addres and bussines addres from this theme option. you can add your location  in google map.

Custom css/JS


need add custom css and javascript? don’t worry we provide theme option for this purpose. just add your text to text area and save it

ads Management




Add your ads instanly from theme option,