The Refund Request plugin is a plugin to create a refund form. This form is intended for customers who wish to file a refund for their purchase. With this plugin will make it easier for website owners to create a form for their customers who want to file a refund.

The Refund Request plugin is an extension of the Woocommerce plugin. So the Refund Request plugin can only run on the WordPress website that has the Woocommerce plugin installed.


WordPress Dashboard

How to install the Refund Request plugin via the WordPress dashboard.

  1. Go to dashboard then navigate to Plugin> Add new.
  2. Click on the “Upload Plugins” button at the top.
  3. Click on Choose File and select file “”, then press Install Now button.
  4. After uploading, you’ll see “plugin successfully installed” notification, then press “Activate Plugins” button.

Using FTP

How to install the Refund Request plugin via FTP.

To install Refund Request plugin plugin via FTP, you can use file manager from cPanel or any FTP software. Some good FTP software aadalah:

  • FileZilla for Linux / windows.
  • Cyberduck for Mac

Once the FTP application is installed successfully, follow these steps:

  1. Extract the zip file you have downloaded from
  2. Open the extracted folder and extract the file “”, after extract you should see the folder “refund-request”.
  3. Connect to your server with the FTP app and navigate to / wp-content / plugins /.
  4. Upload the extracted “refund-request” folder.
  5. Log into your WordPress admin area and navigate to the Plugins page, then click Activate under Refund Request.

License Activation

If activation of the Refund Request plugin is  success, then there will be a new menu in your WordPress dashboard. Please click Refund Request and click the license tab.

lisensi refund request


Create a Refund Form

To create a refund request, the refund request plugin uses a shortcode. Shortcode is a special function that we will often use on our WordPress, so we do not need to repeat the same process every time we need it. This shortcode can be installed either in the post or page / page. However, to make the form refund page is more recommended to be installed on the page / page.

The shortcode used in the Refund Request plugin is [refund-form].

Here is the step by step create a refund request page:

1. Navigate to Page -> add new

2. Write the title for this page, for example: Request Refund.

3. Enter the [refund-form] shortcode into the post editor.

membuat form

4. Click Publish

After step 4, you have successfully created the refund request page. Please refer to your request refund page, so it will look something like this:

request refund front end

General Settings

a. Request Form

general request form

1. The shortcode used to create the form is [refund-form]

2. Write the message / content that will be placed before the form in the available textarea.

3. Check to allow refund request back on the order requested refund.

4. Maximum days can be refunded after purchase. So such as filled 3 days then the item can be refunded in just 3 days. After 3 days the item can not be refunded.

b. List of Refund Reason

list of refund reason

You can provide some reasons that can be selected by customers why apply for refund. For example: not satisfied, not compatible.

c. List of Refund Type

tipe refund

You can create a refund type for customers who wish to file a refund. For example: full refund, half refund.

Email Settings

Email settings are used to create an email templates to be sent once there is a refund request from the customer.

To set up an email template, please navigate to settings -> email. Email notifications are available for admins and customers.

a. Admin

This form is used to create email notification template for admin. The form will be sent to the admin email, which is listed in settings-> general -> Email Address. Make sure the email is filled with the email that will be used to receive payment confirmation.

email refund to admin en

Example email request refund to admin:

Hi admin, there is a refund request from your customer.

b. Customer

This form is used to create an email notification template for customer. Email notification will go to the customer email on my account page.

email refund to customer en

Example email request refund to customer:

You just sent a refund request to Our team will process it soon.Please wait a few more minutes.

thank you


Notification Settings

Notification tab is used to set notification message right after the refund form button is clicked.

a. Failed

If refund request form failed to be sent, then notification will appear. Here you can set any words to be used as failed notification.

The example of Failed message for Refund Request: “There was an error in form filling”.

failed notification en

If the customer fails to send the form then the failed notification will appear above the refund request form. Failed occurs when there is an error in form filling.

notif gagal en

In the above message written “Order not found”, it means the customer entered the wrong order number.


b. Success

If successful then success notification will appear. the Example of Success Message for Refund Request for example: “Success to send request refund”.

success notif en

If a customer sends the form successfully then a successful notification will appear above the refund request form.

success notification en

Processing Refund

To process refund you can find it in every detail order. If the order gets a refund request then there will be a Refund Request metabox. You can agree to refund by pressing the “proceed refund” button or reject the refund request by pressing the “reject request” button.

refund at backend


If you encounter any difficulties and can not be found in this documentation page please ask your question via the Tonjoo forum at